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Tailor-made tours in India

Rajasthan and South India are the two most popular destinations for tailor-made tours in India. Traditions and nature, discovery and rest, easy travel in both cases, these destinations are ideal for a first foray into the subcontinent.

Central India and the north-east, more authentic because they are less open to tourism, will not leave you unimpressed. It is in these regions that you will find the best of the "off the beaten track".

As for the other regions, they are most often appreciated by those who already know India and want to come back for more in-depth discoveries.

If you have not found what you are looking for in our suggestions and would like to go "somewhere else", let us know what kind of experience would suit you and we will work out a custom-made tour for you, together. We cover the whole subcontinent and are able to offer you a personalised trip to India. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Tailor-made tour to India : where to go ?

For your tailor-made trip, you will first have to decide which region to visit. Not an easy choice when you consider the size of the subcontinent. Here is some general information and some suggestions for tours in India that may help you in your choice. Remember, however, that all Flo Travels tours are tailor-made for each client.

tailor-made tour india

These tours in India are particularly intended for those who are new to India. They are recommended for a first approach to the subcontinent. An introduction to India that immerses you in a world worthy of the Thousand and One Nights and full of chivalry.

A world open to all those who want to taste the lights of Rajasthan, admire its Rajput fortresses and its palaces of precious lace, dream in its romantic gardens and relax in the comfort of its hotels renowned for their hospitality. From Jaipur to the Taj Mahal, from the palaces of Udaipur to the fortress of Jaisalmer, from the Thar Desert to the Aravallis Mountains, a new world opens up to you.

north and central india tours

These tailor-made tours of North and Central India take you to the heart of an India still forgotten by tourists, where fabulous sites reveal the diverse influences that make up the richness of its civilisation. From the sacred places of Hinduism to the most beautiful Buddhist and Sikh sites of India, from the admirable thousand-year-old temples of Khajuraho to the romantic cities of Gwalior and Orchha, you will also discover the genius of the popular craft industry, present everywhere, in the small lanes of the bazaars abounding in perfumes, embroidered cottons and carved jewels. Without forgetting the famous natural reserves of Bhandavgarh and Kanha, renowned for the diversity of the species which they shelter among which the tiger.

Tailor-made tours south india

Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka: three states that are perfect for tailor-made tours. They bring together natural beauties and curiosities forged by man over the centuries. 
Kerala, a narrow strip of land wedged between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, offers multiple tour possibilities where natural beauty predominates. Essentially cultural, Tamil Nadu is bordered by the Bay of Bengal. Populated by the Tamils, its history is one of the oldest in the world.
Finally, Karnataka takes us seamlessly from ancient times to the high technology of the 21st century, of which Bangalore is the capital. 

north-east india tours

If you love nature and the mountains in particular, you don't need to worry about going on foot to meet the local population. A tailor-made tour of the north-eastern states will take you off the beaten track for a trip tailored to your needs.
At the foot of the Himalayas, in the middle of the famous Darjeeling tea plantations, on one of the longest rivers in the world or in the heart of the Kaziranga Park, it is a permanent discovery, far from the standard and tourist circuits. A unique experience. 

Luxury tours in India

Here you embark on an exceptional journey to the heart of one of the oldest civilisations in the world. Traditions, folklore, myths and legends: everything here fascinates, bewitches, questions, amuses and amazes.  
Every desire, occasion or event can be a pretext for a luxury trip to India: honeymoon, anniversary, a dream come true, a cruise, the discovery of a culture, a people and its traditions, getting back into shape or discovering the local gastronomy. The list is long and not exhaustive. 

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