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Tourist sites and what to see in India

Since ratifying the World Heritage Convention in November 1977, India has seen 40 of its sites or monuments inscribed on the prestigious list. The latest addition, in July 2021, is the Kakatiya Rudreshwara (Ramappa) Temple located in a village in the state of Telangana about 200 km northeast of Hyderabad. Forty-nine additional sites are on the Tentative List, namely the one that the Indian State intends to consider for nomination. This is to say the richness of India's heritage. Most of these sites, already registered or which will be in the future, are major tourist sites in India that any traveller will have the opportunity to discover by incorporating them into his tour.

Thirty-two so-called "cultural" sites, seven so-called "natural" sites and one so-called "mixed" site are on the Unesco list. Some are famous all over the world, such as the iconic Taj Mahal (Uttar Pradesh), the monumental site of Hampi (Karnataka), the erotic sculptures of the temples of Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh) or even the hill forts of Rajasthan. Others, no doubt because they are less accessible, remain more or less unnoticed but are nonetheless of exceptional universal value. These include, among others, the Kaziranga National Park (Assam), the rock paintings of Bhimbetka (Madhya Pradesh), the Sun Temple of Konark (Orissa), the churches and convents of Goa (Goa), the National Park of Keoladeo (Rajasthan), etc…..

It is easy for us to include these marvels in the program of a trip, as these classified tourist sites are numerous and distributed throughout the territory. Many others, unclassified but of equal interest, are also part of the programs. And then, there are the sites which do not appear anywhere, in any guide, any magazine, not even on the internet (we will not publish them here either....) and which we invite you to discover, out of all beaten track. 

Finally, do not forget the images that you will only see once, those that will never be listed but which are the soul of India. They are those of daily life, of religious festivals, of faces encountered at the bend of a well. These are all the ones that you will remember and that will make your tailor-made trip to India an unforgettable vacation.

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