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South India tourist spots

From east to west, and to the southern tip of the subcontinent, a trip to South India takes you to the heart of religious and historical India in breathtaking landscapes. A journey to the heart of tourist spots as diverse as they are contrasting over nearly 2,000 kilometres, along the coast, between Chennai in the east and Goa in the west.

We go from the captivating atmosphere of Hindu sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu to the white sand beaches lined with coconut palms in Kerala. Between, we discover the emerald carpets of the tea plantations, the tropical paradise of the backwaters, the ghost town of Hampi, the memory of the French colonies in Pondicherry, the spice gardens of Periyar, the Dutch and Jewish remains in Cochin and the Portuguese churches in Goa, temples with pyramidal towers covered with brightly coloured gods in Madurai or even the bewitching sunset in Kanyakumari, at the southernmost point of the subcontinent.

But it is the great temples of Tamil Nadu that hold a special place in South India. Home to many Unesco World Heritage sites, the state is the cradle of the Dravidian culture. The ancient dynasties of the Pallavas and the Cholas left many masterpieces, the pride of the Tamil people today who continue to perpetuate an age-old tradition and culture.

To appreciate the details, the traveller should not fail to stop at Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram, the former capital of the Pallavas, Thanjavur (ex-Tanjore), the former capital of the Cholas, or Darasuram and Gangaikondacholapuram.

Finally, still little known because isolated off the Indian coast, the Laccadive Islands to the west and the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago to the east are the paradisiacal gems of India. Located in the Laccadive Sea and the Bay of Bengal respectively, the two archipelagos offer adventure, calm and serenity. The white sandy beaches and turquoise waters are a unique opportunity for those looking for an exceptional trip.


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