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Your trip to India: every detail counts

To retain all the flexibility that individual travel offers, your tour is created for you and by you.
We listen to your every single wish.

When it comes to organising a long-haul trip, with limited knowledge of the destination, the reflex is to consult catalogues or surf the Internet to try and find a "turnkey" trip. 
However, most of the time, we think that one or more details could be removed or that something is missing, that the number of days on site is too long or too short, that the hotels proposed are not those we would like to stay in, etc.... 

Flo Travels offers you the solution: the "tailor-made" trip to India for the individual traveller, for which all the necessary pieces are added, resulting in an itinerary that is best suited to the measure.
Like a tailor, we do, undo and re-do the pattern of your trip, as many times as necessary so that in the end, you have a holiday perfectly suited to your wishes.

Your tour is not pre-established because you are unique. It is customised to your own interests, tastes, availability and budget.

It all starts with your travel dates, which you set yourself and to which we adapt. From hotels to transportation (land, rail or air), from guides to entry to sites, from activities to the pace you wish to set for your stay, you can consider everything. We then put our expertise and local knowledge at your disposal and together, with you, by e-mail or telephone, we give shape to your project, adjusting the prices to suit your budget.

But our service does not end when you confirm that you want us to organise your trip to India. From the moment you arrive, you get a personalised welcome and we follow you throughout your stay. We are at your disposal and continue to listen to you, right up to the airport at the end of your stay. 

Our complementary cultures are our strength. It will be of the utmost benefit to your tour of India.  

Florence is responsible for putting together the tour. Like our guests, she speaks French and is familiar with the needs and travel habits of her fellow Westerners.  

On site, Harsh is responsible for the follow-up, as he knows the habits and customs of his country, your destination.

If our aim is to give you a unique experience, it is also to keep you coming back. Many of our guests have not only returned, but have also recommended us to friends and family. All of them have appreciated the travel formula, which allows maximum freedom while retaining the security of being accompanied.

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