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When to go to Rajasthan - it all depends on seasons and climate

When to go Rajasthan

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Rajasthan, in north-west India, is a fascinating destination all year round. However, you need to plan your trip according to the seasons; depending on the period you choose, they will affect your travel experience. Understanding the climate of this region is therefore essential to planning your trip in the best possible way.

The best time to visit Rajasthan

Rajasthan offers a diverse year-round climate, with hot summers and pleasant winters. The peak tourist season runs from October to March, and it is the perfect time to explore the region's rich historical heritage. Although night-time temperatures can drop to 0°C in some areas (in December and January), daytime temperatures are mild as soon as the sun appears, making for very pleasant days (18°-25°C). Rainfall is rare or non-existent everywhere.

Discover Rajasthan in summer

If heat is more to your liking, you might consider visiting Rajasthan during the hottest months of the year, from April to June. During this period, temperatures keep rising until they reach their peak in June. In the Bikaner and Jaisalmer regions, temperatures can reach 45°C in the shade. While Rajasthan remains pleasant until mid-April, we recommend that you consider a trip to the hills of Sikkim or Assam during May and June.

The magic of the monsoon in Rajasthan - another perspective

The monsoon season in Rajasthan, which lasts from July to September, offers a totally different experience of the region. Although the climate can be wet, it is also a time when nature is lush and the landscape green. If you want to experience Rajasthan from a different angle, the monsoon season can be a fascinating time. 
The monsoon is more or less regular from one year to the next, and the rains are more or less abundant depending on the region. For example, the eastern part of the state often gets more rain, while beyond the Aravallis mountains, rainfall becomes rarer or even non-existent in some parts of the desert. In all cases, the rains green the desert, cool the atmosphere and are much appreciated by the Rajasthanis. After the hot months, they can leave their homes and go for a walk (without an umbrella....).

when to go rajasthan

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Fairs and festivals of Rajasthan

In addition to the climate, the traveller can take into account the different events that mark the calendar when festivals and fairs are organised throughout the state. Here are the main ones, the exact dates of which can be given at the appropriate time as they depend on the lunar calendar.

Diwali: the festival of lights, celebrated all over India and especially in the north, in October-November. It is dedicated to Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune and prosperity.

To 'attract' her, one has to decorate the home with light (traditionally, small oil lamps, or in a more modern way, electric garlands) and make a lot of noise with firecrackers and fireworks. It is the opportunity to visit friends or relatives with sweets and make gifts. 

Holi : the festival of colours, celebrated in February-March, mainly in the north, when everyone splashes water and coloured powders with water guns or balloons. Holi celebrates the arrival of spring, the end of winter and it is an opportunity for everyone to see loved ones, forget and forgive and rebuild lost friendships. Wearing new clothes to 'play Holi' is not recommended....

Nagaur fair : in January-February, Nagaur welcomes the second largest livestock market after Pushkar. This is where the big white oxen are sold, but also the camels, the cows and the horses. Games, races and other parades are also organised.

Pushkar fair : in October-November, there stands the largest livestock fair in Rajasthan.

Everything sells there: camels, sheep, goats, oxen, ..... Thousands of pilgrims also gather in Pushkar for the ritual bath in the sacred lake of the city...

In conclusion, Rajasthan is an enchanting destination that offers unique experiences all year round. Choosing the ideal time to visit this region depends on your personal preferences and what you want to discover. Whether you prefer the mild temperatures of winter, the authenticity of summer, or the magic of the monsoon season, Rajasthan is sure to fascinate you with its rich heritage, friendly people, excellent cuisine and undeniable charm. Plan your trip taking into account the climate, festivals and events, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in this magical region of India.

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