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Rajasthani cuisine and cooking

Rajasthani cuisine

Rich and tasty Rajasthani cuisine

A colorful diversity

Rarely has the world seen so rich and tasty cuisine in a land so unwilling to provide the essentials. When in the eastern region of the state you can grow just about anything (wheat, maize, millet, etc.), it is practically impossible to produce in the great arid plains of the desert. And yet… Faster means of communication and transport have brought about a real revolution in the choice of fruits and vegetables, now available throughout the state.

The meal remains mainly vegetarian, composed of rice and bread (chapati) accompanied by vegetables and lentils. The latter, prepared in dishes of more or less liquid consistency, constitute the basis of the daily diet.

The non-vegetarian cuisine of Rajasthan offers a multitude of dishes, commonly called curries (dishes in sauce), namely pieces of mutton, chicken or lamb cooked in a clever mixture of spices, sometimes mixing cream, dried fruits, and other yoghurts.

To avoid the richness of the sauces, the traveller will appreciate the pulao or biryani, fried rice mixed with pieces of minced meat or vegetables.

cuisine Rajasthan
Street food kebab
street food rajasthan

Mughlai cuisine

The legacy of the Mughals

The so-called 'mughlai' cuisine, a legacy of the Mughal tradition of medieval India, is that of dishes cooked in a tandoor oven dug into the ground. Chickens and other skewers of lamb, marinated in yoghurt and spices and roasted in this oven, are a gourmet's delight.

Many snacks, fried, are offered everywhere, whether in restaurants or in markets. It is always pleasant to get some during a walk in a local market: watching them being prepared and tasting them on the spot is one of the charms of these walks. The Indians, moreover, do not deprive themselves of it.

As for the desserts, they are less varied and less refined but those offered remain very fragrant and pleasant to complete the end of a meal. The fruits, which the traveller will find in all the markets, in abundance, will be available according to the season (bananas, oranges, mangoes, melons, watermelons, papayas, pomegranates, etc.).

Because local cuisine and cooking is part of the discovery during a Rajasthan tour, we recommend that you taste all the dishes that will be offered to you. They will amaze you.....

Street food

When eating on the street is a pleasure

Your trip to Rajasthan will remain incomplete without experiencing, at least once, what Indians love, at any time of the day: street food....

There is not a city or a village in India where one does not find vendors, on every street corner, to satisfy a craving: sweet or salty, the snacks offered are as tasty as they are varied. Names alone invite you to indulge: gol gappa, jalebi, samosas, pakoras, aloo tikki, kathi rolls, ...

just try !!

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