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Kerala Holidays

Kerala Holidays

Kerala holidays

The South of India in all its natural beauty

Along the southwestern coast of India, between the Arabian Sea and the forests of the Western Gaths, Kerala stretches 590 km long and between 11 and 120 km wide. Its unique geographical features and tropical landscapes, its two annual monsoons, its magnificent backwaters, its local rituals and its spectacular festivals surprise and stimulate the imagination. A holiday in Kerala is easy and a total change of scenery.

The towns and villages of Kerala, all relatively peaceful, are easily accessible. More than anywhere else in India, the most enjoyable is traveling through the state, especially by boat. Ferry boats, cruisers, wooden boats and even houseboats slowly crisscross the still waters of the backwaters: from Kollam (formerly Quilon) to Alappuzha (formerly Alleppey) and the southern tip of the Lake Vembanad to Kochi (ex-Cochin). Drifting through the small villages, among the palm trees, you will only be lulled by the quiet pace of life.

The most popular destination is Kochi, where the history of Kerala, marked by ever-peaceful foreign incursions, is omnipresent, especially in the old neighborhoods of Mattancherry and Fort Kochi where the tea and spice trade still flourishes. The capital, Thiruvananthapuram (aka Trivandrum), located at the extreme south of the peninsula, is the gateway to the palm-fringed beaches while offering great opportunities to discover the cultural and artistic life of the state.

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It is while heading towards the hills that one escapes the humidity of the lowlands. The roads wind through landscapes dotted with churches and temples, through plantations of spices, tea, coffee and rubber or forests that lead to the nature reserves of Tholpetty and Periyar. Watching wild elephants is possible but not always guaranteed. The former mountain resort of Munnar, surrounded by endless tea plantations, Palakkad and its spice plantations and the beautiful wooded area of ​​Wayanad are all possibilities for a cool stay.

Unlike other states in India, Kerala offers few historical monuments and the ancient temples that are still in use are often closed to non-Hindus. Nevertheless, other charms attract the visitor, such as the many festivals that take place there throughout the year. Among the most popular are Thrissur (in April / May) where the processions of caparisoned elephants march to the sound of deafening fanfares or that of Allepey (in August) when the long wooden boats engage in nautical competitions.

Finally, Kerala can not be without theatre, music and dance. The most beautiful example combining the three arts is the dance named 'Kathakali' which depicts the world of gods and demons. Only played by men, in beautiful multicoloured costumes and extraordinary makeup, this form of theater is widespread in Kerala. 

Why a trip to Kerala ?

Among all the possibilities of tours in South India, a trip to Kerala is easy for several reasons, among which : 

- the state is very compact, thus reducing the time spent in a car to go from one point to the other, 

- the roads are well maintained, 

- Malayalam is the main language but English is very common,

- the state has a warm and welcoming population,

- some of the most beautiful beaches in the country are in Kerala, 

- originating from Kerala, Ayurveda treatments are of high standards. 

Best time to visit Kerala

Here are the infos regarding the different periods when one can plan a tour or holidays in Kerala : 
- the best season is when the sky is clear with scattered showers: from December to April, in August and September, 
- in May, just before monsoon, the humidity can make the atmosphere heavy but the place is less crowded with tourists, 
- in June and July, it is the monsoon season,
- in October and November, the clouds of the second annual monsoon sweeping neighbouring Tamil Nadu cover the Kerala sky.

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